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1. Super Sorter – processes goods for charity sales support or recycling.
2. Overseas Bale Processor– prepares clothes for overseas shipments.
3. Mission Book Processor -Sorts books for Belize and the store.
4. “Hang Ten” Clothes Hanger – hangs clothes in preparation for pricing.
5. Radical Receiver – separates all the great stuff as it comes in the back door.
6. Mr./Ms Clean – Help keep the warehouse mission base clean.
7. Product Cleaning Specialist – helps clean house ware and shoe items for processing.
8. Colorization/Sizing Specialist – organizing clothes racks by size and color for a pleasant shopping experience for customers.
9. Clothes Puller – periodic clothing pulled from the sales floor for overseas shipment.
10. Cleaner Extraordinaire – cleans and dusts fixtures and makes the store look great!
11. Heavy Lifter – helps with furniture positioning and sales.
12. Dressing Room Diva/Divo – help customers at dressing room, rehang garments, and keep the area clean for customers.
13. Mission Communicator – talks to all customers coming in the store and educates them about our sales and charities.
14. ESL Helper – assist with ESL classes on Tuesday nights (call Sam House at 268-7272)

Group Opportunities >>

1. Adopt a department at the store — housewares, women’s, men’s, shoes, furniture. Daily, weekly, or monthly service times available.
2. Bring a group of any size for a clean and categorize blitz at the store or warehouse. No group is too large or too small!!

Sign Up Today!! Call Grecia Rodriguez  (615) 833.8200 ext 21 or email

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