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Online Application >>

Operations Center (Warehouse) >>

1. Super Sorter – processes goods for charity sales support or recycling.
2. Overseas Bale Processor- prepares clothes for overseas shipments.
3. Mission Book Processor -Sorts books for Belize and the store.
4. “Hang Ten” Clothes Hanger – hangs clothes in preparation for pricing.
5. Radical Receiver – separates all the great stuff as it comes in the back door.
6. Mr./Ms Clean – Help keep the warehouse mission base clean.
7. Product Cleaning Specialist – helps clean house ware and shoe items for processing.
8. Executive Office Helper – Organize files, spreadsheet development, data entry, answer phones, update website info, quarterly gift card processing, call clothing donors, sort donation slips. Help with any or all of the above!

Nolensville Store >>

1. Colorization/Sizing Specialist – organizing clothes racks by size and color for a pleasant shopping experience for customers.
2. Clothes Puller – periodic clothing pulled from the sales floor for overseas shipment.
3. Cleaner Extraordinaire – cleans and dusts fixtures and makes the store look great!
4. Heavy Lifter – helps with furniture positioning and sales.
5. Store Office Staffer – helps with Smart Shopper input, weekly mailings, sign making spreadsheet input and development, Craig’s list manager
6. Dressing Room Diva/Divo – help customers at dressing room, rehang garments, and keep the area clean for customers.
7. Mission Communicator – talks to all customers coming in the store and educates them about our sales and charities.
8. ESL Helper – assist with ESL classes on Tuesday nights (call Sam House at 268-7272)

Group Opportunities >>

1. Adopt a department at the store — house wares, women’s, men’s, shoes, furniture. Daily, weekly, or monthly service times available.
2. Bring a group of any size for a clean and categorize blitz at the store or warehouse. No group is too large or too small!!

Sign Up Today!! Call Deborah Butler (615) 833.8200 ext 32 or email

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