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Supported Charities


Thank you for supporting African Leadership through shopping at, and donating to, ThriftSmart! African Leadership is a Christian leadership development organization, committed to the day when all Africa’s churches and members are agents of restoration and Truth.

For adults across Africa, our Common Grounds Leadership Academy features African teachers whose Bible-based teaching ranges from a 2-year, 520 classroom-hour program to weeklong, practical sessions that help local churches love their neighbors. For children, our Bible-based primary, secondary and after-school program in a growing number of Common Grounds Centers delivers a superior education and abiding love in hard and overlooked places.

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Thank you for supporting The Belize Project through shopping and donating at ThriftSmart! The Belize Project finds people in Belize who are making a difference in building God’s Kingdom, and come along side them with support. They work primarily in health care, micro enterprises and education.

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Thank you for supporting Mercy Community Healthcare through shopping and donating at ThriftSmart! Mercy Community Healthcare provides quality primary care to both children and adults from over 30 counties in Middle Tennessee striving to counteract the inequities facing the uninsured and under-insured in traditional healthcare delivery systems.

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Thank you for supporting New Hope Academy through shopping and donating at ThriftSmart! New Hope Academy is a Christ-centered community school with an economically, racially and culturally diverse student body. The school serves 220 Pre-K through sixth grade students at its 33,000 square foot facility that inclues 16 classrooms, a library, art and music rooms, and a computer lab. New Hope serves as a resource for schools across the country that want to achieve diversity and care for the poor.

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