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Live Smart


ThriftSmart Stores are for people who Live Smart >>

At ThriftSmart we are passionate about community and life transformation. That’s why we created the most effective Thrift store model on the planet. We combine all the passion of ministering to others while at the same time utilizing the best trends in business management. Smart.

Unlike other thrift stores, 100% of our proceeds benefit charity. Each donation of clothes or goods to one of our stores benefits the lives of others. Choosing to donate to, or shop at ThriftSmart is a choice to make the most impact with your donation. Smart.

Not only are ThriftSmart stores 100% green, they are also 100% clean. Gone are the days of smelly, dusty thrift store shopping. Visiting a ThriftSmart Store is like visiting a TJ Maxx, except the deals are better and the profits impact lives!

We are passionate about living smart and we’re here to serve. Connecting with Thrift Smart on Facebook and through our e-newsletters will keep you connected with living smart tips and provide you with incredible deals and discounts.

Live Smart, Thrift Smart. Thanks for visiting our site.